Nothing beats fishing in the Eastern Sierra.

Well, maybe skiing, but that's in the winter. Summers around here are for fishing — as well as hiking, camping, and mountain biking — but we usually find a way to bring a fishing rod along when we do that crazy backcountry stuff, too, such as horseback trips to our favorite backcountry lake or stream. Rainbow trout are legendary in these parts. With the help of the DFG, there's a whole lot of quality fighting fish planted in our lakes and streams every year. Lots of trout over five pounds — and the occasional ten-pound rainbow monster. The lakes and streams are also stocked, all summer, with Alper's "famous" trout.

Every town up here has got its own special fishing holes, guides, tackle shops, and marinas. And just about any angler knows that locals are always the best resource.

Mammoth Lakes Area Fish Report
Bishop and Owens Valley Area Fish Report
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