Boating & Kayaking

With its many lakes and streams in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and surrounding areas, this region affords wonderful opportunities for boating, canoeing and kayaking. Summer brings both recreational paddlers, enjoying a relaxing day on the water and serious fishermen, trying to catch that prized trout. Rent a canoe, kayak or boat from one of the many local rental companies and have a great time. Take a guided tour via kayak on Mono Lake and learn about its fascinating history. Boat around Crowley Lake for a day of fishing or just to take in the amazing mountain scenery.

You can even sail, if that is your boating pleasure of choice. We've seen 24-foot sailboats on Crowley Lake and even Mono Lake. Not very often of course, but it's been done. More typically. you will see many fishing boats, canoes and the occasional catamaran, as well as people out kayaking. Any of the lakes that have road access allow fishing boats. Some don't allow motors, so you will have to check ahead on that. Water skiing happens out on Crowley and up in June Lake. Catamaran sailing works well on Crowley because of the often windy afternoon conditions during the summer.

It is truly a memorable day for the whole family to spend it on the water in the Mammoth Lakes area.

Commercial Boat Operators

Convict Lake Resort
A fantastic vacation spot for the whole family, located at one of the most pristine lakes in the Sierras. A great headquarters for your trout fishing, hiking, camping and boating vacation. We have cabins, fishing boats, horses and bicycles for rent. You can get all the supplies you need from our general store and dine at the fine "Restaurant at Convict Lake".

Tube Tenders
Picture yourself on a custom 24' pontoon boat, being safely lowered by an electric platform into the nationally-renowned fishery of Crowley Lake - no mud on your feet! You know the fish are there; the "Bottomline" "Stalker-Sidefinder" on board says they are. Your experienced guide has given you the local tips and suggested the proven flies. It's you, in your tube, rod in hand and — THE FISH!

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