By all appearances, with all the lakes and streams around, this area ought to provide a swimming mecca. In reality, the water is just too cold. The lakes and rivers are created by snow.

But, if you want to swim, you do have several choices:

Whitmore Pool
Fed by natural hot springs. This facility has a nice pool and spa area, grassy yard, and great views. Located of Benton Crossing Road about a mile from HWY 395. Open June to September and there is a small fee per person. Call ahead, (760) 934-4222 to make sure they are open. A good place for kids.

Horseshoe Lake
The only lake in the Mammoth basin where swimming is permitted, or feasible. Located at the end of Lake Mary Road, the lake is usually shallow enough that the sun makes the water somewhat warmer. There are sandy beaches all the way around the lake. The other lakes in the basin are closed to swimming because they serve as the town's water supply. Higher backcountry lakes are open, but you might want to test the water before you jump in.

Snowcreek Athletic Club
A members-only health club, but guests are welcome for a small fee. They have both an indoor and outdoor pool.

In addition, most condominium projects have their own pools for their guests. One word about sun bathing up here: Mammoth is at 8000', and the sun will quickly burn you, so use lots of sunscreen.

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